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Exclusive Handwoven Scarf

Classic and elegant, at once beautifully traditional and yet head-turningly modern, these new FadMAX scarves are entirely hand-crafted from the finest cotton and are adorned with delicate and intricate patterns. Brighten up any day with a luxurious artisan-made scarf from the exclusive FadMAX collection.


Dong Brocade - Nian Ji, Hunan Province

Sitting in front of the loom, dressed in her traditional costume, Nian Ji is beautiful and gentle. Her brocade is both smooth and delicate and her fame grew from her mastery of the most difficult yarns while she was still only a teen. The yarn she uses is very complicated to master in weaving because the needle-work is so tiny and very tight. When stroked it feels compact and the colours are precisely located. 



Tujia Brocade - Dai'e Hu'nan Province

Artist: Dai E

Brocade is an important record of Tujia culture, with the patterns coming from daily life and divided into 6 categories: animals, plants, the night sky, daily utensils, auspicious patterns and geometric shapes, but the basic traditional patterns expand to about 120 variations.