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The (Not-So-Simple) T-Shirt

The t-shirt has become possibly the single most wide-spread garment of our time, but there are still millions of creative ways to play with this simple clothing design.

Check these out - they need no commentary!

Lock It Or Lose It - Cool Locks

We've all used a combination lock, right?  Probably like me you used one to keep your stuff safe in your locker at school.  But check out these very cool, new, and sometime hilarious, takes on the classic combination lock.

Worldwide, Weaving Makes a Comeback

Hand weaving is making a comeback all around the world, with a whole new generation of young weavers using traditional hand looms but experimenting with new materials and techniques.

Many traditional craftspeople, as well as innovative young weavers, are reminding people about the special qualities of handmade garments, in this mass produced age.

A Stitch in Time - Embroidery Meets Watchmaking

High-end watch makers are, for the first time, exploring the decorative potential of embroidered watch dials. These limited edition, unique collectibles are adding age-old embroidery techniques to the dials of womens' watches to create faces never before seen. The results, I'm sure you will agree, are outstanding.

With China's embroiderers being amongst the world's best, we look forward to a Chinese version on the market soon.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From the FadMAX Team!

Wishing  you and all your loved ones a merry and relaxing Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year !

We have enjoyed your company this year and look forward to more fun in the future.

Without Food, How Can You Call It Christmas?

Today everybody has probably moved into "Silent Night" mode, but with any family gathering food comes first.

Christmas Is a Time for Dressing Up Your Home

Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year.  Listen to the midnight chimes, reunite with your family and show your devotion by dressing up the home.

This Christmas Choose a Masculine Gift for Your Partner

Christmas has rolled around again, so put in some thought to get something special for your partner.

Muji's Simple Style

Dec 12, saw Shanghai HuaiHai road opened yet another MUJI outlet!

Muji's style has always been simply functional, but to me lacks passion and life.

Creativity Lights Up Your Life

Different lights can create different meanings in people's eyes.

Christmas is Just Around the Corner - Why Not Make Your Own Lights?
A Strong Metallic Theme Going Here

When you get used to Muji's Japanese style, or Ikea's European flavour, consider also the use of metal to introduce a new feel.

What is Victoria's Secret?

If you even get onto the Victoria's Secret stage, then you are already a success.

The Traditional Oil Paper Umbrella Unfurled

Zheng Yinghai holds a real oil paper umbrella as he walks in Tengchong, Yunnan province, Nov 30, 2015. [Photo/SIPA]

How the Nouveau Riche Stay Cool in the Monster City
Traditional Miao Artists Explore New Techniques

On the eve of Miao New Year, Oct 28, 2015, Miao artists applied age-old artisitc motifs to modern graffiti

Thai Silk - a Gift Fit For a King

Thailand is renowned for their beautiful landscapes as well their food and of course their culture.  Thai silk may be the most memorable gift you could bring from Thailand, carrying as it does thousands of years of heritage.

Nothing Wrong With Fancy

People always desire beauty - something that transcends the mundane.  If simple is not enough for you then these leading-edge designs will transport you to new realms of imagination

Hey, think you're creative? What about this?
Creative? You Bet!
Mementos from Japan - The package may be the most expensive part

Many people say that gifts from Japan are really good.  Quality and build are of high standard, but looking at the packing you know how careful, even cautious, they are.

The Art of the Leaf

To me, autumn is the best season.  The leaves are drifting down, the clouds scud across blue skies, the autumn rains all combine to make a miraculous feeling. Even the air in autumn feels different, as winter approaches. Many artists and designers will find inspiration from this season, using a palette of colours from their pencil box or paint tray to draw their changing city or the tones of nature.

Gender Neutral Style

Women don't need to be ladies all the time.  Why not put that dress back in your cabinet and try a handsome, but neutral, new look?

Out-of-the-Box Thinking
Eastern Hand-painted Ceramics

Economies take off, urban development grows and as a result hundreds of old shops disappear and history goes with it. Cao Zhi Xiong is the manager of Hong Kong's last hand-painted ceramic store.  Fifty percent of his products are custom made and most of his output goes to high-end hotels in Hong Kong or is exported to England's upper class as decoration, often emblazoned with a family's coat-of-arms.  

Their ceramic factory in Kowloon Bay is a wonderland of treasures.

Chinese Silver Filigree