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What Is Your Cup Of Tea?

Two ceramic styles battle each other

Meet Me Before it is Too Late - Sum Kee Steamer

Once, people in Hong Kong could view steamers being produced everywhere, but in the 1980s almost all production moved to the mainland. Mr. Lin Yinghong's company is located in Sheung Wan, and is Hong Kong's last existing steamer production company.

Use Your Bike Seat as a Lock

When riding in the big city, maybe you're like me - annoyed to always have to carry a big stupid lock, then put a heavy chain through the wheels or remove the seat with numerous complicated steps. But you cannot think of any other way to protect your precious bike from being stolen ...... Well forget all of this and let's look at Li Xianghua (Lee Sang Hwa), Kim Jin-ho (Kim Jin Ho) and Yang Gu Min (Yeo Min Gu)'s Seat Lock design. Just twist and rotate the seat down, and in seconds you can quickly and firmly secure the rear wheel of the bicycle, without the need for any additional locking devices. Seat Lock bicycle lock won the German Red Dot Design Concept Award.

Photographs 1987-2012 (c)Red Dot Design Awards