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Exclusive Handwoven Scarf

March 10, 2016

Classic and elegant, at once beautifully traditional and yet head-turningly modern, these new FadMAX scarves are entirely hand-crafted from the finest cotton and are adorned with delicate and intricate patterns. Brighten up any day with a luxurious artisan-made scarf from the exclusive FadMAX collection.


Guaranteed 100% handmade taking an average of 15-18 days. The scarf is soft and elegant, with classic designs, bold colours and high colour retention.

Dong people believe in "animism" and almost all things between heaven and earth can be manifested in their designs. This scarf features magpies and stars in the pattern, invoking happiness and goodness.

Product Notes:

Weaver: Nian Ji

Style: Dong Brocade

Color: coral pink against frost white (you can also pick any other custom colours of your choice)

Size: 168cm x 40cm (Other sizes available on request)

Material: cotton, cashmere

Maintenance: Hand wash and air dry, do not bleach, low iron



Weaver: Nian Ji, 40 years of experience

Location: Hu'nan China

Honor: Inheritor of Dong Brocade

She imagines the pattern firstly in her mind, then sets up her loom with complex combinations comprised of more than 100 bamboo sticks. As each bamboo is selected the design can be altered.  This complex and intricate task means that it takes her 15 to 18 days to complete just one scarf!

This item is 100% handmade, but how to tell? Firstly you know that hand-woven charm lies in the unique beauty of all pieces, each of which has distinctive differences, and even if the same person made another it would have slightly different patterns and a unique imprint. This artist represents that best hat China has to offer in terms of intangible art. Their output is strictly limited. To see the handmade nature of the works you will need to look very closely, but you may see tiny pattern variations, slightly uneven edges and if folded symmetrically you may notice little differences in pattern or alignment

Background: Before each scarf is begun the loom must be set up, taking 3 to 4 days, followed by 12 to 15 days of weaving and then braiding the tassels. All up, your scarf may have taken up to three weeks of skilled work to produce, and every product embodies the weaver's effort and heart. This is a luxury product, so please be patient.

FadMAX: is dedicated to the creation of high quality products.  View our signature collection of scarves, where each unique piece combines luxury with intricate Chinese-heritage craftsmanship. 

Our selections are classic in their inspiration, as we seek to fuse timeless sophistication and beauty with traditional handcrafts.  We are dedicated to creating work that is original, stylish and elegant.  Each extraordinary piece is fashioned from the best fibres available, with which our master artisans meticulously weave breathtakingly beautiful and unique creations.

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