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Tujia Brocade
Dai E

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Tujia Brocade - Dai'e Hu'nan Province

March 3, 2016

Artist: Dai E

Brocade is an important record of Tujia culture, with the patterns coming from daily life and divided into 6 categories: animals, plants, the night sky, daily utensils, auspicious patterns and geometric shapes, but the basic traditional patterns expand to about 120 variations.


Type of weaving/embroidery  Tujia Brocade
Artist name  Dai E
Location  Hunan Province, China
Method  Woven brocade
Maximum possible length  60 metres
Maximum possible width  0.6 metres
Composition  silk wool hemp cotton
Weight  mid to heavy weight
Patterns/Styles  geometric patterns
Colour range  multicolored - no limitations
Weaving information  100% Hand woven, reverse-side weaving with bone knife
Fabric feel  luxurious 3-D feel
Typical applications  clothing, scarves, blankets, throws
Fabric care  Easy-care except for silk. Hand wash only

Notes  Artist is flexible with design and colours and is willing to meet client requests.  Very large repertoire of patterns (over 100)

On a normal day Dai E will sit in front of her loom and ponder innovative new designs and patterns. She carries the spirit of Tujia brocade but includes wonderful new abstract expressions, and contrasting with tradition she has woven brocade in bright bold color selections, very 3-D looking with a luxurious touch, sumptuous and polished. Her award-winning works may be found on display and in prestigious collections world-wide.