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Hermes, fell in love with paper-cut

February 15, 2016

Since ancient times, during the Spring Festival Chinese people have visted the temple to worship, burning incense, praying, and this gradually evolved into a form of traditional culture. Red lanterns hung high, sweet and sour sugar-coated hawthorns, as well as fine paper-cutting, all of this young children were exposed to, along with a variety of traditional snacks and other arts and crafts which were redolent of long and deeply held traditions.

Speaking of creative paper-cutting, more and more people realize that with mass production, traditional crafts are in danger of being forgotten and their position is precarious. Maybe one new idea can become an opportunity through blending traditional and modern, you can see the opportunity to blend high fashion and haute couture into traditional modes of doing.

Back in 2014, Hermes Petit H invited artist Geng Zhen Wu, a Taiwanese artist with an architectural background, to work with them.

In addition to paper-cut designs for Hermes window, he also used the lefftover leather and Hermes scarves to play some combination games.
(Speaking of Petit H, maybe you are not familiar with them, but it is a branch of Hermes that takes left-over and waste materials, then recycles it with craftsmen's ingenuity into pieces of highly creative art.)

Paper is really the concept carrier.

With paper cutting, a pair of scissors carves channels in the paper, working from top to bottom in serpentine paths. Like the process of writing poetry it can be tedious, but can also produce outstanding and beautiful results.

The busy buzzing of the temple may be loud, but paper cutting cannot be drowned out. So go visit a temple, buy a paper-cut and relive this important Chinese New Year custom!