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The 14 Days of Valentine - Floral Bouquet, Easy & Crafty

January 22, 2016

I could celebrate Valentine’s Day all year round! I love all the hearts, candy and of course, the pink! This year, I've searched the best of the best for you – the crafts, treats and small projects – here is what I've found! 

Step 1, Get your materials ready!  All you need is this ensemble of things:

  • Small vase with a narrow neck (wine glass works just fine)
  • 1 styrofoam ball
  • A bouquet of artificial flowers, you would need just the top part, the flower itself, from each stem (although I personally like to use fresh flowers)
  • Glue
  • Decorative ribbon for a final-touch bow

Step 2, Clip off the top of the flowers and start attaching them rather closely to the styrofoam ball.

For convenience, use your vase or any other suitable device, like a cup, to hold your quickly-growing floral ball!

Step 3, You are almost done and are ready to celebrate your beautiful achievement!  You may want to adjust and open some flowers for a bigger-looking effect.

Voila! You could decorate your vase with a ribbon or a ready-to-go bow if you have it on hand.  Your Valentine will enjoy it!


P.S, just a bit of a cultural thing:  In the U.S, kids would love making and giving this festive bouquet to their teacher.  If you're cool with it, allow your kids to be creative with colors when they pick the materials for their project.  

Most of all, enjoy the time spent creating something meaningful in togetherness.