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Playing With Chinese Style

January 20, 2016

These days it seems that if you don't include elements of Chinese style, how can you say that you are a fashion house?

Because many still can't tell the difference between Channel and Chanel, so finally Chanel wrote their name in Chinese characters on one of their sweaters! Xiang Nei Er.

Look at those patterns, those colours, that style!  You may think this is a copy, or somebody just playing with this brand, but actually these can really be found in their store!

Looks like she went to a Chinese pharmacy to get some medicine and is carrying it back home.

In the Monkey King you may see a monk called Sha Seng.  Here you can see the same style of headwear. Foreigners must have loved the movie XiYouji (The Journey to the West) very much, don't you think.

In the country it seems that farmers can lead off a new fashion trend.

Julia Roberts with the woven plastic bag trend. 

This brand Bagigia always likes to buck norms and is seen taking even the humble hot water bottle to the highest levels of fashion.

Oops, my brain hurts.  Where's my classic Burberry?

The nouveau riche only want the latest. If it's not new, I won't buy it.