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What's Wrong With Nike's Designers?

January 19, 2016

Recently many sports fans screamed that NIKE's head designer had lost the plot. NIKE, what have you done? But lets take a look at what we consider to be magical new ideas. What do you think?

Probably this designer had a soft spot for orchids, so with many 90's bedspreads and curtains featuring the delicate orchid motif, in 2016 a new footwear was born with the same style. At first glance I find this pretty attractive!.

Lets take a closer look...

The designer commented, "the tongue and heel are decorated with lotus and koi designs, a doll appears in the insole position, each symbol carries elements of meaning - in this case 'sufficiency'."
I can only say that the idea is great, but the shoes?  I'm not quite sure...

This seems to me to be only a token understanding of Chinese culture and thinking.

The designer has tried to catch the important Chinese colours of red and gold in this shoe. This is definitely a happy look!

Fortune and luck coming your way. Unfortunately these two characters together also signifies "getting fat".

Obviously directed at the New Year of the monkey! Do you find these colour tones familiar? To mix the Chinese Year of the Monkey theme in this way the designers might be courting trouble!

Foreign businesses picking up some Chinese traditional cultural elements could also consider two Chinese proverbs. "Go for wool, come home shorn" and "Give one's enemies a wife, and lose one's soldier as well." (In other words, pay a double penalty).
Will such crude matches help their sales?  I guess time will tell.