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A Little Craft Can Make a Difference to Your Life

January 15, 2016

When we were children many of us liked to try our hand at a little craft - cutting and pasting, sewing or whatever. Now we seem just to be too busy, but why not take a moment to revisit some of that childhood innocence and add a little sparkle to your life.

Winter is here, so if you think your gloves are just too bland try this simple idea of adding a bit of whimsical embroidery.   People may just say "Wow, where did you buy these gloves?'

Who didn't like to make pompoms when they were little.  Make another and put it on top of your hat.

Maybe some of that jewellery has detached itself from your clothes, so don't throw it,  Grab some glue and attach it to a hat and add some bling bling.

Even some simple brass nuts and glue can be an inspiration.  What can you do with it?

Do you remember how to plait?  Maybe you can make a cool bracelet like this.

The front of your favourite shoes might be permanently scuffed, but you don't want to throw them just yet. Why not draw something on the toe and turn them into something quite special.  Go on, give it a try!