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Keeping Craftsmanship Alive

January 14, 2016

The Japanese author, Shiono Yonematsu, mentions  "When there is no handicraft left, we discover too late the loss of the intimate relationship between a crafted object and the person it is intended for, because when an object is designed for a person it comes with no manual, but simply matches the temperament and personality of the person who uses it.  It knows their temperature, so to speak".

 Today, machine-made is everywhere and very little hand-made is left, that carries this special temperature mentioned by Yonematsu.  But more and more people remember with nostalgia the old crafts and it has become something of an obsession for many.

One pair of shoes, a chair, a necklace, some old instrument, people today still remember fondly old things, and carry the belief that hand made products carry a special "something" that no machine can emulate, but fewer and fewer products are entirely crafted by hand any more.

Occasionally we get the chance to try our hand at DIY in the creative market.  When I make something myself, even though it is not perfect the connection to a self-crafted product is powerful.

The artisan has emotions and feelings that are transferred into things they make, and even after they are passed across generations the objects still carry the spirit of the maker, in every hammer blow, stitch after stitch, onward through time they are treasured.

Craftsman's work, made by hand, has life and soul, a beating heart inside the made object. 

Crafts represent a slower way of life that is disappearing. It is an original, pure skill - a way of life full of wisdom.  Respecting Tradition, Inspiring Innovation.