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Realistic Star Wars Lightsaber

January 13, 2016

This Star Wars sabre looks so authentic you might mistake it for the real thing. After our previous blog we received many replies from Star Wars super-fans, so to follow up on everyone's enthusiasm, we've found something that no aficionado will be able to resist!

Fanatical fans, raising their swords while waiting for the movie to begin!

The Star War lightsaber is a cogent symbol of the movie and the illumination of the blade and the magnetic hum sound add secretive mystery to the device. Coupled with elegant moves, the light sabre is almost balletic in its elegance.

This is an internet spoof of swords fighting each other. Maybe your hand is itching to hold this sword to fight Vader! Mark might be able to help make this wish come true.

Because he was not totally satisfied with the official "Star Wars" peripheral products for sale, Mark started his own research to produce a more-than-perfect lightsaber.

Now his mailbox is totally stuffed with Star Wars fan mail from all over the world.

He said he can make the best lighting, the strongest sabre on the market, that can really be used in combat sparring. Although his sabre can not cut metal, his lightsaber truly appears to be the real-deal, with its realistic lighting and buzzing sound effects.

He is totally Immersed in the world of lightsaber construction...

Posing for the camera in a fighting posture.

Following his passion has brought real happiness to this creator!