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Will These Awaken the Force in You?

January 12, 2016

The latest in the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens, has spawned a new set of merchandise and we were taken with the fun, design features and geekiness of this selection.

Star Wars is taking its turn as the latest Planetary Glassware Set. Six beautiful items from the Star Wars universe fashioned into 10-ounce glasses. Note: My preferred drinks are ice cream with Baileys or a nice Scotch on the rocks.

I'm sure there will be plenty of fans who will welcome a 1:1 scale Stormtrooper Helmet with its lightweight injection-molded plastic construction, derived from digital files used in the production of The Force Awakens.

1:1 replica of the film version. The R2-D2 refrigerator moves, makes sounds, and lights up just like his counterpart, all controllable with an included remote.
He has also been fitted with a 720p HD projector and Miracast for Android.
A front panel in his body opens to reveal a refrigerator chamber, large enough to hold 6 cans.
Price? Oh, just $8,240 USD


Nope, that's not a bad moon rising.

Death Star Bluetooth Speaker on acrylic stand, Wirelessly streams music from your phone and yes, the  speaker lights up when in use. No super-laser, but them's the breaks. $60 USD