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Creative Crafts that Take Broken China From Trash to Treasure

January 11, 2016

When that china heirloom breaks, you won't have to stay in tears for long.  As it turns out, shattered dishes make the perfect tiles for creating one-of-a-kind mosaics.

House Number

Want to add some crafty curb appeal?  Use an antique platter as your base and stencil on your house numbers.  Then fill them in with darker tiles using hot glue.  If your china dishes are all patterned, flip them over and use white backs for the background.  

Blue Willow Mosaic End Table

To bring an ordinary end table to life, create a simple mosaic tabletop using broken china on the surface.  The two-toned blue-and-white pattern brings a surprising pop of color to plain wood.  


Small Side Table

Cover its surface in a pretty mosaic of broken china dishes, turn your side table from a simple accessory into a statement piece.

Three-tier Dessert stand

If your china isn't actually broken - but it is sitting around gathering dust, turn it into a tiered platter, perfect for holding cupcakes and sweets at your next party.

Watering Can


Backyard Chandelier

Brighten up your backyard with a unique hanging chandelier,  made out of broken dishes. (The candles are being held in tiny teacups!)

Fair House

Add some whimsy to your backyard with a storybook-worth fairy house.  This one has three little homes sitting atop one another, each with their own flair and made from different china patterns.

Mosaic Birdhouse


Sources: | By Rebecca Shinners