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Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Rings for Men

January 7, 2016

If he is really, really special, your promise is worth more than just picking any pretty ring. Fate calculated eons ago to bring you together and this is your destiny, so don't wait - make a ring crafted from ancient materials and seal this beautiful love. 

Johan Rust, a US-based jewellery maker, will make you a ring that symbolizes how grand, vast, and enduring your love is. 

His men's ring is made of titanium, with inlays of meteorite and dinosaur bone!  The meteorite material entered earth's atmosphere about 30,000 years ago. Before that, it spent 4 billion years cruising through outer space. The ring waited all that time until you met the one you love!

Inlaid dinosaur bone is also used. These fossilized bones date back to the Jurassic period, meaning they are a minimum of 65 million years old.

So if your love is going to last forever with strength, fervour and passion, don't miss the power of this lord of rings.