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Peasant Painting - Art From the Heart

January 5, 2016

It comes in many guises and under many names.  Naive Art, peasant art, art naif, folk art, call it what you will but this immensely popular form of painting is a global phenomenon. You will find primitive art hanging in galleries in New York, Vienna and Paris. Chinese peasant artists are among the ranks of the best when it comes to this genre and in Jin Shan near Shanghai is a workshop and gallery showcasing some of the best naive art available. Tucked in a back street in pretty surroundings, this little gem of a gallery hosts the work of many locals, including farmers who can turn their hand from the plough and the rake to the paintbrush and easel.


Depending on your view of life, you may call these paintings loveable, fresh or full of naive and childlike joy.


These works display a light-hearted optimism. The world these painters create for us is beautiful and good. You feel at home, and you know their meaning. The grime and toil and insecurity of our day-to-day existence is washed away by the simple and positive outlook of these artists.