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A Stitch in Time - Embroidery Meets Watchmaking

December 28, 2015

High-end watch makers are, for the first time, exploring the decorative potential of embroidered watch dials. These limited edition, unique collectibles are adding age-old embroidery techniques to the dials of womens' watches to create faces never before seen. The results, I'm sure you will agree, are outstanding.

With China's embroiderers being amongst the world's best, we look forward to a Chinese version on the market soon.

Using their own embroidery house Mason Lesage, Chanel introduced a range of embroidered watches back in 2013.  They use variations on their well-known motif, the camellia, and add gold sequins and tiny pearls to the decoration.

This year they have added another favoured motif, the comet, with diamonds and glass beads along with fine silk.  The technical skill involved is mind-blowing!

Dior’s embroidered watch has obviously been inspired by lace-making.  This sea-green silk thread is coupled with gold and diamonds and is reminiscent of the lace on the house’s ball gowns.

Hublot’s watch with gold thread and white diamonds takes the embroidery beyond the face as it flows around the strap as well to come up with time-pieces unlike anything seen before.  The skill and care that goes into these pieces makes them fabulously special.

Piaget’s understated embroidered face, simply features a small decorative laurel branch on a white face with gold thread and encircled with tiny diamonds.