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Traditional Miao Artists Explore New Techniques

December 8, 2015

On the eve of Miao New Year, Oct 28, 2015, Miao artists applied age-old artisitc motifs to modern graffiti

Impromptu graffiti has been popular for years. It has become an important means of interaction between contemporary artists and locals as well as visitors. However, it is the first time for Danzhai residents to take part in the construction of contemporary art using such a method.

For Miao blue calico painters, it was a challenging task, even for Wei Zhuchun, an adept craftswoman as well as a provincial inheritor of the Miao batik technique. When she was invited to paint on the wall using spray paint, she felt confused. "I'm afraid I may not do well. I don't know how to use those things," she said.

"Compared with wax carving, painting with spray paint cans is not easy for me. But I did it! It's really fun to paint such huge patterns on the bridge, my very first time to do so. I feel it's really cool and enjoyable," Yang said.

The event has proven that the old can go in hand with the new, that tradition and modernity can find harmony with each other.