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Chinese Silver Filigree

December 2, 2015

Chinese silver filigree has a 1700-year history. Along with Shu embroidery, bamboo weaving and lacquer ware, silver filigree is a key part of Chengdu's artistic history.

The material used is real silver and the technique allows for finely delineated patterns and designs.

There are over ten steps in making filigree - it is considered by silversmiths to be a very complicated process. After the pure material is sourced it must be drawn into filaments, shaped, welded, polished and so on.

In Chengdu silver filigree is very, very special.  From the fineness of the filaments, to the in-fill techniques, it is not unlike silk embroidery and so needs a very delicate touch.

 Tweezers, tiny scissors and skilled hands - that is all that the craftsman requires.  Each tiny piece displays the love, the skill and the passion of the creator.

This exqusitie piece of filigree jewellery comes from Hui Sheji.