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Shadow Puppets - The First Movies

October 22, 2015

Shadow plays are the world's oldest animation art, and many people think they the predecessor of modern cinema. So let's go back to old times and appreciate the charm of the shadow play.

Long ago the shadow play would go wherever a cart could be pushed.  Everyone gathered to see these shadows projected onto the cloth screen, telling many interesting stories.

Shadow production utilized stretched animal skins which could be made strong and transparent. Colored pigments of red, yellow, blue, green, black and other solid transparent pigment were used.  These basic colours were used to make the shadow puppets so when the shadows were cast onto the screen they appeared very clear and sharp.

However in an era filled with varied entertainment options and possessed of dazzling visual impact, people no longer wanted to quietly enjoy tbright images cast onto a donkey-skin screen and the shadow play gradually lost its charm.