inspiring innovation, respecting tradition

  • We initiate creative collaborations
  • We locate outstanding artisans and craftspeople all across China
  • We seek out established fashion house wanting to integrate traditional expertise into their products
  • We locate and showcase up-and-coming fashion designers who are ready to rock the world
  • We focus on pairing fashion houses and brands with outstanding heritage and handmade talent
  • We engage consumers who demand only the best, and who celebrate their Chinese national identity
  • We provide media coverage and generate PR, product exposure and visibility
  • We strongly believe that collaboration drives innovation and creativity

FadMAX works with heritage master artisans as well as contemporary designers and brands to inspire innovation in traditional crafts and bring them to a new audience.

Our aim is to build an online community and storefront for cultural preservation, transmission and innovation.

By pairing modern designers and the best-of-the-best craftspeople specialising in China's intangible cultural heritages, FadMAX allows both old and new designers to meet their objectives and engage consumers in new and exciting ways.

China has five thousand years of history and FadMAX aims to deliver not just the products of this cultural heritage, but also the wonderful and unique stories of the people behind them. FadMAX respects traditional and indigenous Chinese culture and handmade craftsmanship, at the same time as we launch new and modern designers and their products, building a marvellous fusion of old and new.

FadMAX invites you to work with us...